Investing in your mental health for a better future

Though the field of psychology has grown in the last 50 years, psychotherapy or counseling is still seen as more a place for the mentally ill and those in crisis. Due to this assumption, investing in mental health has gone underutilized. We continue to invest in our bodies for good health, but the mind goes untapped. Investing in your mental health has the potential to create change in your every day life and those you love, by transforming the way you think and how you approach your life. Just like you would contact the local gym to start your training; contact us today and invest in a deeper change.

What is Psychotherapy?

While the history of psychotherapy really pertained to treating the mentally ill, the scope of practice has broadened in the last 50 or so years. Once described as “talk therapy”, it was believed that simply discussing your challenges out loud to a source not involved in your every day living was healing in of itself. Today, people seek counseling services for all types of needs, from mental illness, addiction and recovery, marital challenges, problems in school, life transitions such as divorce, adoption, relocation, and career changes, as well as self-improvement, and overall accountability for meeting personal goals. There are now many modalities in which counseling is approached which is why it’s important to find the therapist that most fits your needs. We offer a diverse group of educated counselors that are ready and willing to be a part of your journey.

Given that you are located in a church and your counselors identify as Christian, how does this play into Counseling and Psychology?

Our clinicians identify as Christian and so have a foundation in the Christian belief. How much you want this to play a role in your counseling is up to you. If you share this belief and would like it implemented into your sessions, we are happy to do so. However we will not impose our beliefs onto yours if it is something you feel will not be a benefit to you.

What is an Intern and what is a trainee? Shouldn’t I see someone who has been in the field for awhile?

A Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI) and a Professional Counselor Intern (PCI) are individuals that have completed their Master’s programs in the field and are now accumulating 3000 hours of experience before they can qualify for the State Licensing exam. Intern may sound like someone inexperienced but on the contrary this individual has completed all education requirements and most likely has thousands of hours of experience under their belts.

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainees are individuals currently in a Master’s program; most are scheduled to graduate within 1 year and have gained hundreds of hours of experience.

The benefit of seeing an Intern or trainee is that they work at a lower cost while also working with a Licensed professional on their cases. The client essentially receives two therapists working on their case for a significantly lower fee.

How much will this cost?

Therapy has the potential to transform and enrich your life. With this in mind, we ask you to prayerfully consider what you are able and willing to invest in this process. On average the fee for psychotherapy in San Diego is $125/hour. Since one of our main goals is to provide professional and affordable services, we operate on a sliding scale donation policy which is discussed prior to your first session.

Do you take health insurance and which plans?

No we do not, as health insurance plans often require a form of diagnosis and we believe you should be able to meet with a therapist for needs or challenges that don’t require a label. Our sliding scale begins at what most would pay for a co-payment with insurance plans ($30/hour) and so we hope you find this affordable.

Will I need to make a commitment?

Counseling support comes in all forms and we ask that you do make an investment in your change and healing process, however this commitment may be short term for some, while extended long term support may be necessary for others. In the first initial sessions, we hope to work with you regarding your needs and develop a plan of care based on those needs so that you have a better idea of what to expect.

When do the groups start?

Groups begin when we have at least 5 participants ready to start a new 8-week cycle. Groups are capped at no more than 8 people. An initial individual session will be done as you contact New Vision to assess your needs for the group. You will then be contacted when all participants have been met with and we are ready to begin a cycle.

How many sessions of psychotherapy are typically needed?

This will vary upon each client and will be discussed in the initial sessions as we get to know your needs. Psychotherapy is not an exact science, what may take only 3-4 sessions for some, will take 10-12 for others and so on.

How long is each session?

Individual sessions are 45 minutes in length. Group sessions are 90 minutes in length. Couple and family sessions vary from 50 minutes to 90 minutes depending on need.

Can I be there with my child?

If it is your own counseling, we ask that you find child care services for your children as you may not be able to fully engage in session with your child present. If your child is the one attending counseling and you would like to stay for the session, this is entirely possible depending on the need of the child.

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