Investing in your mental health for a better future

Though the field of psychology has grown in the last 50 years, psychotherapy or counseling is still seen as more a place for the mentally ill and those in crisis. Due to this assumption, investing in mental health has gone underutilized. We continue to invest in our bodies for good health, but the mind goes untapped. Investing in your mental health has the potential to create change in your every day life and those you love, by transforming the way you think and how you approach your life. Just like you would contact the local gym to start your training; contact us today and invest in a deeper change.

 NVCC ‘s purpose is to provide professional and affordable mental health services to those seeking change in themselves and in their relationships. While counseling is used in many crisis areas of our lives; it can also help develop the basic building blocks necessary to navigate through life's journey.

Our  facility is utilized as a training ground for counseling Graduate students from Christian programs within the Southern California area. These students are able to meet with clients under the direct supervision of Dr. Bonnie Hedlund, making counseling more affordable and even more comprehensive as your case would be taken on by a team of therapists, instead of only one. 

New Vision Counseling Center (NVCC) operates as a non-profit agency.  We work with donations and grants to off-set the cost of seeing a mental health professional so you can utilize this care without the financial strain.


4353 Park Blvd, San Diego, 92103