Investing in your mental health for a better future

Though the field of psychology has grown in the last 50 years, psychotherapy or counseling is still seen as more a place for the mentally ill and those in crisis. Due to this assumption, investing in mental health has gone underutilized. We continue to invest in our bodies for good health, but the mind goes untapped. Investing in your mental health has the potential to create change in your every day life and those you love, by transforming the way you think and how you approach your life. Just like you would contact the local gym to start your training; contact us today and invest in a deeper change.


Potential Clients

  • Individuals, Children, and Families
  • Couples Counseling
  • Pre-Marital
  • Support Groups
  • Children's Groups
  • Testing & Assessment

You may not know where to start so we encourage you to schedule an initial session at a reduced fee of $25 to first meet with one of our counselors for an assessment. This will help us better understand your needs and what services may be most beneficial to your situation.

Counseling Graduate Students & Interns

Not currently accepting applicants.

Trainees in Practicum
Not currently accepting applicants.

Educational Seminars
We try to offer a brief seminar (4-6 hours) once a month for those involved in our program or within the community.  Fee: $15 for current and previous New Vision practicum students; $30 for others. For dates and topics this month; Contact:

Payments & Donations

Our clinic operates on a sliding scale dependent on your income and the experience of the counselor you are meeting with. There are many challenges in seeking counseling services and we do not want money to be one of them. We will work in your best interest in this area. All donations are utilized to provide clients with continuous that may not be able to afford otherwise.

Example of Scales

  • Counseling Trainee: Beginning at $25/session
  • Counseling Intern: Beginning at $50/session
  • Licensed Professional: Beginning at $80/session

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